Shandong Nanshan International Flight Co., Ltd and Nanshan Aviation College provide general aviation professionals with high quality for civil aviation and Nanshan’s aviation enterprise. Nanshan Aviation College is an institution of aviation that combines degree education and skill training as one and focuses on cultivating well-qualified flight and maintenance personnel as well as other technical personnel.

     Flight Skill Training

    Shandong Nanshan International Flight Co.Ltd , a subsidiary of Nanshan Aviation, is a professional institute that engages in private and commercial pilot training, authorized by CAAC East China Regional Administration. The company’s main business is training of aircraft pilots, offer training courses such as fixed-wing private pilot license, commercial pilot license, instrument rating and aircraft instructor license. The company chooses advanced Cessna 172S, Siminole PA44 and Cessna CJ1+ to form a high-performance aircraft training fleet. With 21 training aircrafts, 6 simulators, 1 high performance full motion simulator and 30 flight instructors, it is now one of the most development-potential private aviation institutes.

Nanshan Aviation College