Aircraft Introduction and Management Services

     1. Aircraft Introduction
    We will draw on our comparative advantages to help you complete the aircraft introduction or transfer to a trustee process in a short time, provide professional purchasing consultation of air material spare parts and Personnel Training Plan thereby to ensure your aircraft could be delivered on time.
     Our service covers:

    Deal with the documents for approval of aircraft introduction;

    Submit plans for getting the aircraft registered, finalizing the paint scheme, choosing call-sign, and other works;

    The translation and printing works for related aircraft handbooks; Transition course and training for related personnel;

    Engineering data processing, input and statistics;

    Monitoring the process of maintenance, manufacture and acceptance for you.

    We will assist you with the check of airworthiness by CAAC, obtain the three certificates (Type Certificate, Production Certificate and Airworthiness Certificate) of the aircraft, obtain the import permit for mechanical and electronic product, record related patent in customs, cover insurance for aircraft introduction and management, transfer the aircraft, finish the operation approval and verify airlines.


    2. Management Operations
    Steward-type professional services offered by our Customer Service Manager

    Build the one to one real time communication with you ; evaluate, feedback your flight plan and service request in time; inform the flight information regularly.

   Select the best flight crew which is unique customized for you
    Assign the veteran captain/ flight instructor who have the experience of this aircraft, with many experienced, skilled professional air stewardesses who are suitable the best.
    Mature and effective operating support
    Provide speedy application of flight plan, rigorous aircraft release, exclusive food ordering on board, ground handling and other supporting services.
    Professional maintenance capabilities
    Whether it is regular maintenance planning or maintained your aircraft in good repair and sanitary condition, our engineers who have a wealth experiences will do our utmost to maintain your aircraft airworthiness and maximum value possible.
    Matured management for aircraft-spares and aircraft caterings

    Build a fine management system of daily accounts for the purchase and consumption in store about aircraft caterings, and do regular periodical reports to you.
    Transparent financial settlement and cost control
    Give you an detailed records about the operating cost of aircraft; heavily censored the bills charged by a third party to save the cost on aircraft operation and maintenance.
    Sale the surplus transportation capacity
    On the premise that meet your needs to use the aircraft, we can sale the surplus capacity to bring extra economic profit to you, if you need it.
    Alternate aircraft choice
    When your aircraft cannot fly for flight as scheduled maintenance or other reasons, we can arrange our own aircraft to fly for you as an alternate aircraft choice.
    Training private travel assistant
    We can provide training services for your private travel assistant in accordance with air stewardesses, as your need.
    Unique industry chain service
    Nanshan Group have abundant industrial projects, except charter flight and management service, you can enjoy services including tourism, yachts and golf and others, which throughout the industry as a whole to let you enjoy business and recreation services.

Aircraft Introduction and Management Services