Aircraft Purchasing and Financial leasing services

1.Aircraft Purchasing

From the moment you show an interest in purchasing an aircraft, we will sit down with you, understand your needs and provide a first class professional consultation service to ensure you can find the choice that suits your needs best. Nanshan Jet have established good, long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many aircraft manufacturers, aircraft financial leasing agencies and aircraft sales agents, which will help you get the most professional service and the biggest favor during aircraft purchasing process.

2. Aircraft financial leasing activities

Nanshan Group has its own Nanshan Financial Leasing company- a sino-foreign financial leasing limited company with large foreign investment, with a place of business at bonded harbor in the east of Tianjin. It has US$150 million of registered capital, ranked at the top 30 among 2000 financial leasing companies, which will assist you design the best financial leasing program for purchasing aircraft. 

With the advantage of its register area at bonded harbor in the east of Tianjin(The free port of Tianjin), our customer could have the benefits of  deferred paying duties and Value Added Tax, which considerably receded the financial pressure at earlier period.

Aircraft Purchasing and Financial leasing services